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Social media is more and more both the communication route and information tool used by both personal and businesses to understand, review and make decisions on people with whom they connect with. Whether that is by the way of employment, target audiences to application decisions and risk assessments. What reportscore does is bring together all the social media presences you have and forge the information, key words and connections from them into a strategic report and overall score so that you can view how others may view you as an individual from a number of perspectives. Combine this with tools to help you improve and update information that is not correct, alerts when key information is changed and you have the newest product in the market for the current and next generation of personal information scoring.

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The information is algorithmically combined in a complex decision based route to provide a score out of 100 which can be used as an assessment of you. Giving you the prospective view that people like employers, lenders, insurers and customers a like.

Score Explained

We provide explanative information on your score and how it has been assessed and driven. Provides you with indicators on how your score could be used by potential employers, insurers or financial lenders.


See how each social media profile you have has contributed to the score and information in your report together with advisory comments on how to change or update the profile to improve your score.

Score History

Our clear and easy to understand graphical statistics show you how your score has changed over time.. See the results of your amendments and updates you have taken since using reportscore.

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  • Information removal tools
  • Ability to keep profiles up to date

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Get ahead of the game and have at your disposal the newest product in the market for the current and next generation of personal information scoring.

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